CTU 5L Water Softner

£198.00 + VAT

Calcium Treatment Units not only help to give water a fresher taste, they also keep water tanks clean for increased machine efficiency and lifetime.

This CTU was made specifically for espresso machines, removing heavy metals and preventing limescale buildup in a coffee machine’s water tank and steam wands.

Advantages of the CTU

  • Designed to reduce limescale & improve the taste of incoming feed water
  • The new system doesn’t mix carbon with the resin, so regeneration becomes possible with positive results for the environment
  • The carbon is located in the riser tube, which is the best place for polishing water, giving maximum taste reduction
  • The vessels use regenerated resin, which has a higher exchange capacity than new resin, so it will give maximum service time
  • Fitted with 3/4″ NRV male fitting on the inlet/outlet
  • With or without Flow-Meter: with Flow-Meter +£40.00




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