A selection of professional knock boxes and knockout drawers which are a necessary tool to use with commercial machines. 

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Espresso knockout drawer

£74.00 + VAT

Durable drawer for knocking used coffee grounds into. Perfect for sitting under a grinder for easy and efficient coffee making.

Espresso knockout drawer features premium grade brushed stainless steel finish. Wrapped stainless steel, smooth finish with soft edges. Knock bar housing is extremely secure with 6 fixings each side. Knock box feet are fitted/fixed with screws not glued. Silicon type compound knock bar for silent operation and long-life. Sit your grinder on top of this knock box.

  • Dimensions: 25.8 x 38.2 x 10.6cm



Espresso knock-out tube

£65.00 + VAT

Floor standing knock-out tube in black. Made for commercial use.

  • Easy to clean as it separates into three parts.
  • Barista cloth which can be attached to either side of the tower
  • Made from hard wearing polypropylene.
  • Height: 86cm