Domestic Machines are perfect for home or small office use.

*Please note, unless purchased with us, we do not service domestic machines.

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£950.00 + VAT


  • Stainless steel steam wand.
  • Stainless steel hot water wand.
  • Radiated circulation.
  • The machine is endowed with a pump stopping system due to water lack and an orange signal light switches on at the same time.
  • Pump stop: After 2 minutes of continuous supply of the pump, the machine stops operating and the orange signal light starts to blink, If you switch off and restart the machine, it operates again.
  • Boiler: 1.8 lt
  • Power: 1,500W.
  • Dimensions: W30, D45, H41.

ECM Mechanika Slim

£1,125.00 + VAT


  • Stainless Steel Boiler
  • Boiler volume approx. 2.2L
  • Water Tank Approx 2.8L
  • Boiler Pressure Gauge
  • Pump Pressure Gauge
  • Vibration Pump
  • Rotary Valve Technology
  • Weight 20.2KG
  • Measurements in CM (without portafilter) 25 W X 44.5 D X 39.5 H

ECM Mechanika Profi IV

£1,350.00 + VAT


  • User-friendly: detachable cup warmer tray.
  • Profesional rotary valve technology.
  • Large cup warming tray.
  • Large water tank (3 lt).
  • Automatic water uptake of the boiler.
  • Control lamp for the indication of water shortage.
  • Automatic water shortage switch-off function.
  • Copper tubing with brass fittings and tubes.
  • Steam and hot water wand made of stainless steel.
  • Steel-plated heating of stainless steel.
  • Boiler: 2 lt.
  • Power: 1,400W.
  • Dimensions without portafilter (cm): W30, D45, H40.
  • Colour: steel.

ECM Synchronika

£1,825.00 + VAT


  • Stainless steel coffee boiler and steam/hot water boiler
  • Subtle, silver-coloured PID display 
  • Boiler volume approx. 2L (hot water & steam) and 0.75L (coffee) 
  • Water Tank Approx 2.8L
  • Boiler Pressure Gauge
  • Pump Pressure Gauge
  • PID Control
  • Low-noise rotary pump
  • Switchable from the water tank to a fixed water connection 
  • Quick-steam and hot-water valves with an ergonomic movement mechanism
  • Weight 30KG
  • Measurements in CM (without portafilter) 33.5 W X 49 D X 41 H