Doppio Coffee is supplying a holistic coffee solution that includes coffee beans or pre-ground, and coffee equipment for your bars and restaurants, bulk-brew filter coffee equipment for breakfast and events, automatic machines for breakfast and conferences rooms and in-room solutions such as single serve instant coffee, bags of filter coffee or coffee pods solutions.

In addition to our wide range of coffee blends and equipment, we are also offering training for your staff to ensure the coffee served at your bars and restaurant is always at its best, maintenance support preventing any technical issues and helping you solve any difficulties quickly as well as quality checks to evaluate and report on your team’s performance.

As an independent hotel or multi-site operator we have the experience and knowledge to help you improve your coffee offer to all guests in and out of the room enhancing your customers’ stay with you.


Doppio Coffee supply superior espresso equipment to your hotel, allowing your staff to serve a great cup of coffee to your guests offering a more enjoyable experience.


For all your breakfast and meeting rooms, we can provide all Bean to Cup automatic coffee machines. At the push of a button, a delicious cup of coffee is served using our Doppio Coffee beans including hot chocolate beverages. Our Bean to Cup coffee machine creates high-quality coffee with ease of use. This is achieved by combining an espresso maker, coffee grinder, and milk frother in one convenient unit.


We can provide a wide range of filter coffee batch brew solutions and dedicated hot water boilers to your hotel. The filter coffee batch brew equipment ranges from a small 1.9L machines for your meeting rooms to the monster 2 X 40L machine for your kitchen, and everything in between.

The filter coffee equipment can be installed within your restaurant and bars, kitchens, meeting and conference areas as required.


As an essential part of your espresso equipment setup, Doppio Coffee has an extensive range of coffee grinders to ensure your coffee tastes great for guests leaving a lasting impression.


Doppio Coffee can supply filter coffee bags to your hotel for inclusion within all guest bedrooms. Coffee bags are quick to open and brew with no need for any additional equipment or knowledge, it’s as simple as placing a bag in a cup and brewing much like you would with a tea bag. Stir, squeeze, brew and then enjoy!


We can supply all capsule coffee machines to all hotel rooms so your guests can make coffee with the Doppio Coffee capsules, all presented within your hotel branded capsule presentation box. We can personalise your capsule boxes with your own hotel branding. Simply choose your preferred Doppio capsules and we will add your logo.


Doppio Coffee can supply single serve instant coffee sachets to all guest bedrooms and breakfast room areas.
Choose from our two unique blends:

• Doppio Rich & Smooth
• Doppio Decaffeinated

Simply open and add water to enjoy!


Introducing Brew Tea Co in partnership with Doppio Coffee. From loose-leaf tea to tea bags, we can supply all tea brewing equipment and display presentation boxes for all your hotel areas.


To ensure that you can provide the best-tasting coffee possible to your customers, our team of dedicated service engineers can repair and service your equipment when required all within our in-house workshop. Thanks to our fleet of scooters we can provide quick and agile services that can help your hotel business maintain consistency in serving a great cup of coffee.


As your coffee supplier, we offer comprehensive barista training and education to all your staff helping to improve the quality and taste of your coffee drinks and enhancing your guests’ experience. Barista training provides your staff with the skills they need to make amazing coffee. They will learn how to make the perfect espresso including milk texturing, latte art and all the cool stuff involved in being a great barista.