Doppio's Barista Training

Currently, we organise barista training only from Monday to Friday in our Kentish or Battersea branch. The last session starts at 3:30PM

In an always competitive and increasingly demanding hospitality environment, modern coffee culture stepped up its game in the recent decade. Being techie and consistent in the serving of a superb cup of coffee brings a competitive advantage to the new and established businesses. Doppio encourages and supports businesses in becoming coffee knowledgeable and enthusiastic by offering barista training. Our training is available to both our retail and our wholesale customers. However, our 360° customers receive the training at no extra cost.

Barista Training Includes:

  • An introduction to the industrial equipment (coffee machine and grinder) with essential accessories
  • Presenting you with essential knowledge about coffee, from bean, roasting, grinding to different brewing processes
  • Practising the perfect espresso brewing and espresso-based drinks: cappuccino, macchiato, flat white and latte
  • Helping you achieve accurate and consistent milk steaming skills for a velvety smoothness
  • Answering any questions or practical problems you might have or have had with coffee.


For more information about the training, contact us or simply buy and book your training through our shop. You can find it here:

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