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CTU 10 litres Water Softener


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Quick Overview

Calcium Treatment Units not only help to give water a fresher taste and odour, they also keep water tanks clean for increased machine efficiency and lifetime.

This CTU was made specifically for espresso machines, removing heavy metals and preventing limescale buildup in a coffee machine's water tank and elsewhere throughout the machine like in its steam wands.

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Advantages of the CTU

  • designed to reduce limescale & improve the taste of incoming feed water
  • the new system doesn't mix carbon with the resin, so regeneration becomes possible with positive results for the environment
  • the carbon is located in the riser tube, which is the best place for polishing water, giving maximum taste reduction
  • the vessels use regenerated resin, which has a higher exchange capacity than new resin, so it will give maximum service time
  • fitted with 3/4" NRV male fitting on the inlet/outlet
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