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250g Caffe Diemme Blue Blend Coffee Ground


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Quick Overview

To savour a great cup of coffee at home, Caffe Diemme offers 'Blu Blend'.  It is a rich selection of 100% raw Arabica coming only from the best coffee producing areas. This prestigious blend is characterized by its delicacy, a well-balanced aroma, a sweetness and richness that make this coffee ideal for any time of day.

Ground is suitable for cafetiere and Moka brewing.


 Diemme Blu is a unique and rich blend, making an ideal coffee for anytime of the day.  It is mellow, well balanced, and sweet, with a rounded aroma.  

  • Aroma
    intensity: medium
    quality: floral and nutty
  • Flavour
    acidity: present but balanced
    bitterness: almost absent
    sweetness: present
    balance: balanced mix of flavours
  • Body
    astringency: absent
    body: medium
  • Aftertaste
    intensity: medium, with hints of almond, citrus and fresh fruit
    persistence: high, due to the quality of Arabica varieties

Origin: Salvador and Mogiana Region in Brazil, Tanzania, India, Colombia

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