The DCW Team

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The Doppio family is made up of individuals with many talents who you can find on the floor helping customers one moment, and behind the scenes helping our operation run smoothly the next. Things are always fast-paced here so it is necessary to have a team that works well together under pressure. 



Doppio has four directors who spearhead the company, working independently but who come together to keep Doppio’s strategy in tune while our business grows organically.   

Doppio's founder has acted as visionary, conceptualising the company’s design inside and out, mentoring the team on a daily basis. Our directors' obligations are split into different areas of focus, including sales and marketing, logistics, retail, and espresso bars, as well as technical oversight of machinery.  



All of our clients are in the capable hands of doppio Agents, who make weekly visits to check stock and equipment, verify that everything is set up as required, and coffee is brewing smoothly! If there are any issues the agents provide immediate on-site assistance, from quick-fixes to placing orders. They act as problem solvers and constant links to Doppio itself.


The engineers are both servicing equipment in our workshop as well as providing on-site repairs to machines.  While proficiency in rehabilitation lies with this team, most of our staff is knowledgeable in the simpler aspects of caring for coffee machines such as cleaning and how the equipment actually functions. 



The baristas on-call at doppio have outstanding personalities, coffee-making skills, and customer service.  They will always do everything within their power to ensure the best quality cup of coffee is the one presented to you.


Office Management

Our wonderful office staff is taking care of the remaining administration for Doppio, making sure everything from communications and accounts to weekly and daily deliveries are running smoothly.  


At the end of the day, the services provided here at Doppio are like no other. The way we function is not common- we were born and grow out of the services we provide, so we are always there for our customers. The way we love coffee, cater to our clients whether through our door or through theirs, the way we are reliable and act as a family is simply our character. 
We are Doppio.


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