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Doppio is a top-tier wholesale merchant of Italian coffee brands. We keep looking for the best blends that will suit our customers’ needs, and host a variety of brands that each has its own distinct presence. Therefore, as a wholesale customer, you are more than welcome to come in and try our different blends to ensure the perfect match for your business. In addition to the Italian coffee blends, Doppio Coffee distribute The Duke Coffee, this is an artisanal coffee, roasted in-house at our Kentish Town warehouse. Each brand has its own distinct presence, therefore, wholesale customers are more than welcome to come in and try our different blends to ensure the perfect taste for their business.  




The Duke Roasters was founded in 2013 by Amir Rosen. The Duke roasts small batches daily in a 10kg Probat roaster, providing artisan blends to the local market.  Origins are chosen in person, and the beans used are selected by their quality and always from sustainable sources. The Duke ensures excellent support and outstanding service to its customers, to make sure that everyone can share the great value of coffee, together. From tree to cup. 




The name Diemme has become a byword of the founders’ initials, with its passion for scrupulous attention to service. The firm has been firmly rooted in Padova (Padua) since 1927, when Romeo Dubbini, in partnership with Mario Malagoli, decided to devote himself to the production of quality coffee. It was from this initial union between Dubbini and Malagoli that the firm took its name, firstly as D.M., inspired by the founder's initials, and later as Caffè Diemme.  Dubbini was keen to discover the coffee world’s best varietals and, from them, to create rich and prestigious blends. His quest was inherited by his son Giulio who, in the 1950s, deftly directed the company towards combining cutting edge technology with traditional values. More recently, the third generation of Dubbini at Diemme have also concerned themselves with specifically directed marketing activities. 





Danesi Caffè is a Roman company founded more than 100 years ago by Alfredo Danesi, a connoisseur and preserver of secret blends. Danesi was amongst the first to publicise the culture and consumption of traditional espresso coffee. In the last 40 years, the company has successfully established itself in more than 50 countries worldwide. The Danesi roasting process comprises a mix of convection and heat conduction techniques. This involves slow, graduated timing with a unique outcome: a sweet caramel aftertaste from inside the coffee bean. In line with a market increasingly oriented towards concern for the environment, Danesi also promotes R&D projects for biodegradable packaging materials. 


Drago Mocambo

Mocambo coffee roasting company was born in 1984, founded by Giuseppe Drago, who, driven by his inborn passion for coffee and with his family's help, began this fascinating adventure in a 20 square meter room, roasting and distributing the first kilos of coffee. This is where the persistence in communication, tasting and sharing of this  Italian pleasure, which has made it possible to grow throughout the years, began. Mocambo is currently represented by the third generation, and the beginning of the Italian tradition handed down to them has made it possible to establish real human relationships which are at the basis of life, as well as business. Their mission, which is also a personal challenge as a humble Italian family, is to continue moving ahead, always producing the best mixtures of espresso coffee, spreading Italian culture all over the world and keeping a high profile with and providing excellent quality to our customers. 



Tonino Lamborghini

Tonino Lamborghini has a natural vocation for perfection. The same perfection that you can taste in this premium coffee today! With Tonino Lamborghini Caffè, taste and aroma are as unique as the brand itself. They are each a testament to the use of both traditional and modern roasting techniques in order to produce a superior coffee- the choice of the most demanding connoisseurs. The production cycle is strictly controlled, from the selection of the finest Arabica and Robusta beans through to the roasting process. The roasting environment in controlled using machines capable of precisely balancing the various blends. The coffee is constantly checked for its physical characteristics and its quality and aroma, guaranteeing a product with a low level of caffeine and an impressive balancing acidity. 



Italian Aroma



The Italian Aroma Coffee Company was founded in Glasgow in 1992 by Marco and Rachel Giambastiani. They provide truly authentic tasting Italian-style coffees, freshly roasted in the UK, using traditional slow-roast methods passed down through generations of Italian artisans. Italian aroma coffee is a quality coffee offered at a remarkably competitive price. In addition, it provides unique Fair Trade and Rainforest Alliance blends. 


Your label


Alternatively, you can use your own label. We can place your logo on kraft bags giving your business more professional and individual look. Contact us to help you pick from a variety of coffee blends available. The service is free of charge for our customers.

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