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Our customers benefit from exclusive access to our specialised 360° services, from weekly 'checkups' to financed equipment. Doppio Coffee Warehouse provides the utmost care for its clients, ensuring that your business is equipped to provide the best possible product for your customers.

We put your needs at the centre of how we design our services. We use a fleet of scooters to allow fast response time. We believe in visiting your business once a week to make sure all is working to your satisfaction, and our engineers are always a phone call away in case of emergency. We will be happy to tailor a service plan that fits your needs. We believe that we are here to enable you to focus on your business

We are an honest company and will always recommend the product that is best for you. Our business is based on long-term relationships.

Equipment & Maintenance

Doppio Coffee Warehouse offers the finest brands of espresso machines and services all commercial machines. Whether you need one coffee machine or five, DCW is here to provide you with guidance regarding what machine is appropriate for your café, bar, restaurant, etc. and to always be there should your machine need a tune up or quick fix. It is also possible to come see and test our machines first-hand before making a purchase.

Our agents not only make weekly visits to all our clients' locations to check that machines are running perfectly, they offer immediate on-site repair, and if necessary take equipment to our workshop for servicing- and all of the above is also free. The best interest of our clients is always at the forefront of our minds at Doppio, and we will never let any of them make coffee with a substandard machine.

Additionally, Doppio always has refurbished second-hand equipment available for those seeking a cheaper alternative to brand new espresso machines and/or grinders. Because of our dedication to quality, Doppio retains free maintenance service for pre-loved machines as well.   

Download our coffee machines flyer

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Café Accessories

Any barista or overall cafe accessories you might be looking for are available here at Doppio.  From take away cups and sugar packets to cleaning products and tamper mats, DCW is here to provide you with high-quality products all around.  

These products can be collected from either of our warehouse locations or delivered promptly via our agents.  If you are a 360° wholesale customer then orders can be placed with your agent during your complimentary weekly visit, along with any coffee you may need.


  • After a 50% down-payment, the remaining 50% can be paid over the following 24 months (with some interest applied).  
  • Clients are only responsible for spare parts and water filter replacement after the first year.  
  • Finance is subject to contract, electronic direct debit, and coffee  purchase  exclusively from Doppio Coffee Ltd.


  • Depending on availability, it is possible for second-hand coffee machines to be rented out for a minimum of six months
  • Full equipment provided at £150 per month +VAT.
  • One-off charge of £300 +VAT.
  • Full maintenance including spare parts and water filter replacement. 
  • Rental subject to contract, electronic direct debit, and coffee purchase exclusively from Doppio Coffee Ltd.  

Barista Training

Basic barista training is given by doppio's experienced staff, who teach the following

  • An introduction to your equipment (coffee machine and grinder)
  • Brewing the perfect espresso
  • Making espresso-based drinks: cappuccino, macchiato, latte, flat white
  • Steaming milk accurately and consistently for a velvety smoothness
  • Simple faults and problems
  • For more training information, contact us or simply buy and book your training using PayPal below (barista training costs £60 per person) 



1 or 3 Person Barista Training


Training solutions for wholesale clients

  • Provided for our 360° customers at no cost
  • Can be done either at our warehouse or in your café
  • Refreshment sessions are provided as well
  • For training, contact us info@doppiocoffee.co.uk or call 020 7267 5993


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See also details on Our Coffee. 


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